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The Richmond Slave Trade (2012 Book Tour)
         "Your presentation got rave reviews...we are so appreciative... thank you so much for your contribution."
                                                   Nancy Damon, Director
                                                   Virginia Festival of the Book

was born in Berea, Kentucky, and is descended from generations of Appalachian farmers who migrated from Normandy through England and Virginia. He is a professor, researcher, and writer, as well as a small family farmer currently residing in central Virginia with his wife and seven children (Daniel, Alec, Bethany, Maddie, Mary, Chris and Hannah, and of course, Audrie!)

He has more than 21 books to his credit, ranging from text books for students in gifted programs (Math in History) to award-winning Appalachian writing (Jesse Stuart poetry award, etc.). His published credits include research articles in education and sociology journals (related to disability studies), as well as hundreds of articles, short stories, and poems. For almost seven years, he wrote a regular military history column for the Washington Times.

His education includes a B.A. in political science at Grove City College, a Master’s degree in History Education at VCU, a Special Education certificate from the University of Virginia, and Ph.D. again from Virginia Commonwealth University. Most recently, he was a visiting scholar at the DuPont funded Summer Seminar at the National Center for the Humanities.

His current projects include a vampire novel, selling three manuscripts that are book ready, and finishing several research projects. As part of one project during the summer of 2010, he delivered in Innsbruck to an international audience of educators and researchers.

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