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EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-61160-098-8
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-61160-353-8
Published, 2011
Whiskey Creek Press
Ebook $4.99
Paperback $14.95

Fourteen-year-old Angela Ziff finds an intriguing hat and letter in her grandmother’s attic that opens the door to a family past that no one can imagine. Though her grandmother has passed away, the old house and the objects provide clues that Angela and her best friend Alan follow through a web of deceit and danger that ultimately reveals a shocking truth. Her grandmother had been helping hide a wanted Nazi war criminal. Angela finds a grandfather she never knew she had; encounters her real father, who threatens to repeat the family violence of the past; and tries to help her damaged mother navigate the new changes and accept them. Most of all, Angela finds that she must face some of the inexplicable unfairness of life just at the moment when she thinks she finally has some answers. Everything begins in her grandmother’s attic.


"The book, Grandmothers Attic is a really good book in general. It’s good for young and older children too. The book in a way is very exciting! It keeps you on the edge of your seat and it makes you never want to put it down. It is also very informing about the Holocaust and all its details."

6th grade student




ISBN 9781105296468
Published, 2011
200 Pages Paperback

If Jack was a tree, his roots would probably cross right trough the Appalachian Mountains. Deeply anchored in and in love with his past and present surroundings, nature, his family, Jack Trammell’s poetry guides the reader through a rainbow of personal passions, philosophies, highs and lows and love of humanity. While reading, you cannot but keep wondering at the sheer size of those roots and admire the man owning them.

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ISBN 9781596296954
128 Pages     $19.99

For centuries, the 'Chick' has blessed the Tidewater region of Virginia with life, even today in the face of deteriorating resources and dramatic environmental change. While an abundant ecosystem thrived in the water, a unique and culturally rich community that once dotted the Chick's riverbanks has dwindled near extinction. Author Jack Trammell spent the past three years on the river researching its incredible past and uncertain future. Drawing on old letters, photographs and the still extant memories of lifelong watermen like Captains Bill Buck Jr. and Art Conway, he weaves a fascinating narrative of this river community. Hop onboard and join the search for the record perch, the vanished villages, the proud Chickahominy tribe and the vestiges of the Civil War in this definitive and easy-to-navigate history of a sacred Virginia tributary.


(December, 2001)
From Hard Shell Word Factory

ISBN 9780759901377    
176 Pages

General Fiction/Military Fiction: During World War II, occupied Paris was a city filled with people acting contrary to their better natures. The Saints Departed is a novel of these ordinary/extraordinary people and their supreme moments when regimes could suddenly topple, leaders falter, and the course of war irrevocably change direction.

(November, 2001)
From Hard Shell Word Factory

ISBN 9780759902862
216 Pages     

Jack and Sarah are essentially opposites: Jack wears his heart on his sleeve, and Sarah is a person who never reveals her secrets; Jack is dependable and predictable, while Sarah's waters run deep and murky. Everyone around them is convinced they are wrong for one another, but Sarah and Jack defy the world and embark on marriage. To the surprise of everyone, it seems to be working fine. But life is filled with unexpected trauma, and the periodic discovery of terrible flaws in those we care so deeply about. It isn't long before Jack finds out that there is more to Sarah than anyone knows. One secret in particular turns their relationship upside down, and propels Jack on a journey that threatens the destruction of his marriage, the loss of a coming baby, and possibly even the end of his own life. Jack isn't ready for Sarah's Last Secret. 

From Pieces of Learning

ISBN 9781880505861
64 pages

(December, 2000)
From Hard Shell Word Factory

Children's Book
ISBN 9780759902862   
152 Pages   

 A young man and his parents Return to Treasure Island in an adventure unrivaled since the very first visit to that land of mystery.

Student Reviews

"Jack Trammell is a pirate with words. With this book you will be lost in a world where you can’t stop till you’re done with the book. It’s a great mixture of adventure and mystery. "      -Sixth grade Student || 4 out of 5 stars||

"Jack Trammel is an awesome author. This book has some catching moments when you just hold your breath to see what happens next. This book is now one of my favorite. Nice Work Jack. " 6th grade student  



ISBN 9781931334303
80 Pages

Historical events and the people who starred in them.


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